Euganean Coast

Many flows mark this verdant land. Ancient commercial streets that today become for the tourist an alternative path to discover the Bassa Padovana. Differently from the near and famous Coast of the Brenta (, here the navigation is realized with traditional wood boats, from Padua to Monselice. The same that Francesco Petrarca loved, he was attracted by the beauty of the places and he composed his rhymes while sailing in one of these wood boats to reach his vineyard in Arquà. Among cultural breaks to visit the villas (as Villa Molin, Villa Selvatico in Battaglia Terme and Villa Emo in Rivella) and a luxuriant nature that leads us along the whole path, you can explore the flows also with small boats, canoes and rowboats. And for the one who wants to know the history of a territory that has always lived between land and water, it is worth to visit the Navigazione Fluviale’s Museum of Battaglia Terme ( or the Civic Museum Etnografico of Stanghella.