Food and wine

A territory on table

The traditional cooking reigns on the Bassa Padovana’s table thanks to a wise use of raw material, such as the products of the country courts that express Padua’s royalty proposal. The famous Padua’s hen or Polverara’s hen, the geese, the capon and the duck represent a patrimony where historical tastes, tradition and gastronomy find their synthesis. In Montagnana there is the centre of the Consorzio del Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo DOP. The sweet taste, the softness , the pink colour and the unmistakable perfume make this exceptional product unique: the Montagnana’s ham, that is celebrated every year in may in a gastronomic review. And then chicories, peas, asparagus, season’s fruits and vegetables, from pears to strawberries, melons and watermelons. If you go for a trip to Bassa Padovana you must try the tasty risotto, the traditional rich risotto of Padua: very typical is the risotto with chicken’s chitterlings and the traditional risotto with “bisi” (peas), with the “ciche” or with “fegatelli” (liver), with quails or with chicories; the homemade pasta, from the “bigoi” with duck sauce to the pappardelle with goose and pumpkin sauce; also the second dishes are very famous; such as the Padua’s hen, the rabbit, the fried chicken and also boiled meat, the tasty grilled meat, and then cakes and tarts with fruit and zabaione and the “zaeti” (traditional biscuits), all this food is usually combined with good wine. You can taste all these flavours in the agritourisms and B&B all over the territory. Here, the genuine and polite reception make you relieve the slow rhythms of country life, absorbed in the country traditions and in contact with a still uncontaminated nature.