Places of spirituality

In Bassa Padovana we can find many places of worship and spirituality centres. In Monselice there is the Santuario Giubilare delle Sette Chiese, a short pilgrimage that ends at Villa Duodo. An eighteenth-century’s stairway called Esedra leads to Scamozzi’s six chapels. San Giorgio’s church, where are preserved the remains of 28 Christian martyrs, concludes the holy path. Also Praglia’s Abbey is noteworthy, it was born in the XI century near Lonzina mount and it’s a Benedictine monastery absorbed in Padua’s countryside. Inside the monastery, you can visit the fifteenth-century Assunta’s Church and the Botanical Garden. Today the monastery is the seat of the National Library. On the south, in the middle of the country, there is the complex of Ancient Abbey S. Maria delle Carceri that welcomes the visitors in a solitary oasis in which they can get back the dimension of time. Not far from Carceri, in the Urbana’s district, you can also visit the S. Salvaro’s monastery, which is the seat of the Antiche Vie’s Museum.