Around, the beautiful cities of  Venice and Verona deserve absolutely a visit. Trunks that guard precious historic and artistic statements, they are both included on the list of World Heritage of Unesco. It is a pleasure losing yourself in the city life of Venice and Verona among churches, palaces, castles, ancient abodes, villas, museums, pave streets, arcades and gardens. The considerable receptive facilities, a good reception, cultural events, exhibitions and local fairs, a lot of chances to go shopping and an excellent cooking complete the offer of these two centres of Veneto.

Venice, an absolutely  unique scenery in the world! City that fascinates for its artistic riches and refined architectures, it rises up on an archipelago of 118 little isles crosses by 150 channels and connected by more of 400 bridges. To see the famous Piazza San Marco, that acts as background to the Cathedral, is a masterpiece of Romanesque- Byzantine architecture, Palazzo Ducale, abode of Doge of Serenissima republic, The Bridge of Sighs, the zone of Rialto and again The Grand Canal and its richly decorated palaces. There are also a lot of cultural initiatives and traditions that animate the city, how to not mention The Biennale, kermesse of art, dance, cinema and theatre, the symphonic season of  Teatro La Fenice, the Regata Storica, the Redentore and finally the Carnival. Also the Lagoon of Venice gives colours and awesomeness: the Lido of Venice, seat of the prestigious Festival of Cinema; Torcello, first inhabited isle of lagoon and today almost forsaken; Burano, with its multi-coloured houses and the making of laces; Murano, famous all over the world for artistic glasses; San Francesco del Deserto, fascinating place of meditation and prayer; San Lazzaro of Armeni, ex leper hospital and today seat of a monastery with an extraordinary collection of treasures.

Verona, the city of love deployed along the banks of Adige, tells with its architectures characterized by various dominations. The central Piazza Bra is dominated by Arena, the Roman amphitheatre that hosts the prestigious summer opera season by decades. On “liston”, the wide sidewalk that follows the trend of the square, Palazzo Barbieri and Palazzo of Gran Guardia appeared meanwhile others ancient buildings host pubs frequented by people of Verona and tourists. Not far Julliet’s House, with the famous balcony, receives thousands of tourists fascinated by the story of Romeo and Julliet , the two lovers of the famous tragedy of Shakespeare. A walk in Piazza delle Erbe to mix up oneself  with  people that daily liven up the open-air markets, then to go on to Piazza dei Signori and to admire Palazzo di Cangrande and the Loggia of Fra Giocondo, Palazzo di Cansignorio and Palazzo della Ragione. To see also the Cathedral, in which it is conserved the famous altarpiece of Tiziano, and not far the Cathedral of Santa Anastasia and the Roman Theatre, the Cathedral of San Zeno, fascinating example of Romanic architecture, and Castelvecchio, the ancient castle erected in the XVI century by Cangrande II of Scala, currently seat of Civic Museum of Verona.