Villas and gardens

Away from the banks of the shipping you can visit the seventieth-century park of Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio, with the great boxwood labyrinth, the Rabbit’s Island, the small lakes, the fountains and the rich gallery of statues. The splendid chromatic effects of the flowering of roses characterize spring in Villa Emo in Rivella (Monselice). Villa Miari de Cumani, in Este, is surrounded by a wonderful eight hectares park with cave, small lake and other architectural elements of decorum. Villa Pisani-Scalabrin in Vescovana is characterized by the park, that is divided in Italian Garden and English Romantic Garden with a neo-Gothic chapel, and it’s very suggestive in spring when the flowerbeds have many different flowers. Among all, very rich is the variety of roses that gives colours and perfume. For the ones who love gardens a very beautiful one is the winter garden of Villa Ca’ Conti in Granze and the flowering of roses of Palazzo Bonifacio Ardit in Villa Estense.