In the south of Padua, framed by the soft curves of the Euganean Hills and absorbed in a still intact plain, rich of orchards and vineyards, there is a land full of culture and tradition that jealously guards the memories of a great past: Bassa Padovana.


The prosperity of waters, the rich soil and the mild climate have made it liveable since ancient times. The strategic position and the beauty of the landscape have attracted ambitious conquerors, refined nobles, poets and writers of every time. Many are the districts that bring clear historical and artistic proofs which are easily reachable by street or by suggestive paths surrounded by green; you can cross them by foot, by bicycle and also by horse, so you can better perceive the calm atmosphere that surrounds them.


The triumph of the taste, for the ones who prefer the joys of the palate, completes the unique experience of this land; there are many “temptations”, because the attention to genuine flavours contributes to the beauty of this green corner. For the tourist who chooses to visit Bassa Padovana, the trip becomes an experience characterized by nature, history and culture.



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